11 Days, 4 European Cities!

When the trip planning began, it was going to be the most extravagant trip ever! Flights were booked almost 3 months in advance and we got the best deal directly on MakeMyTrip. Our visit was planned around the Bokwa Mini Beat in Giengen, Germany and a visit to our German friends Aline & Dirk.

I was being overenthusiastic and almost packed 8 cities into a 15 day itinerary. Reality struck me soon - we had to save all the money we intended to spend in the next three months and it would be spending just 1 night in each city and half the nights travelling - that's not my completely my thing.

Finally the trip was planned as follows:

  1. Land in Zurich, Switzerland - Meet our friend Dirk and head to his house in Allensbach, Germany and visit the lakeside town Konstanz.

  2. Two nights in Giengen, Germany - a small imperial city hosting the Bokwa Mini Beat.

  3. Hit the road with the Bokwa family and reach Frankfurt, Germany - Explore the financial hub located on the river Main, this was going to be the first major city we explore.

  4. Take a train to Paris, France about 3.5 hours on the train with a change at Manheim, Germany.

  5. Spend two nights in Paris, fall in love with the food, coffee, cheese, macrons, the sight of the iron lattice.

  6. Flixbus to Amsterdam, The Netherlands - you know what to do here! (Cough Cough!) Spend two nights at the Bulldog Hostel and explore the scene, red or green.

  7. Crossover into Scandinavia, visit my brother in Copenhagen, Denmark.

However, much to our surprise, our plan was altered by the visa consulate, my friend was denied visa since he didn't have strong ties back in India and no tax certificates - Cons of being a freelancer.

After two rejections it was clear just two days before the flight that I was boarding it alone. Honestly, I am still not fond of the feeling I had when I realized that. It's a thing when it's planned as a solo trip, this time it was supposed to be a trip together and it was clearly not happening as planned. Plus, it was Europe, I hadn't saved enough to travel alone and travelling alone can get more expensive. I was only comforted with knowing that I had Dirk & Aline in Germany and Sid in Copenhagen to help me out if I was in some contingency.

A while later I was calm, looked for options to visit near Konstanz, since I wasn't going to Giengen and Frankfurt anymore. I booked a Flixbus to Prague, Czechia. Someone suggested Budapest, Hungary but that's for another trip to Eastern Europe. I booked my hostel in Prague and another Flixbus to Frankfurt and I was all set to board my flight.

With all that excited mess going on in my head I boarded my flight and to add to my horror the seat next to me was unoccupied. A two hour flight delay in Paris and I was onward to Zurich, I was welcomed by Dirk, he drove down all the way to Zurich to pick me up, just as planned otherwise. The road from Zurich to Konstanz crossing the border between Switzerland and Germany was scenic!

We explored the coastal town of Konstanz, I grabbed my first of the many coffees and a Horseshoe Palmier and my gut told me "I was going to be alright for the next few days"

The Route I took:

Stop 1: Konstanz - Allensbach - Mainau Island

Stop 2: Prague

Stop 3: Amsterdam

Stop 4: Copenhagen

Find out how I budget for this trip in just 3 months here

Happy Travelling!

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