Dhuandhar Jabalpur: Day 1: Delhi Via-Agra

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

If you have never heard of Jabalpur before and you have a day to spare in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh read on to know the things to do in Jabalpur. Know how to spend one day in Jabalpur and make the most of your time in this town.

The starting point for my trip was Mumbai. I headed to Jabalpur on Darbhanga Express from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Mumbai, it started on time at 12:15 and reached Jabalpur Junction at about quarter to 04:00. I checked into Hotel Polo Max which is right outside Jabalpur Junction, luckily they had a room available for me to check-in that early!

After the swift check-in I took a power nap and woke up again at 0700, had the breakfast offered by the Hotel and engaged in conversation with the owner about reaching the Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls. The owner said he could get me a rickshaw for ₹2000 and it would take me to 5 spots around the city, I told him that I was only interested in two of them and would want to be back to the hotel by 1700 hours to head to my next destination.

He agreed to get me a 'rickshaw-chauffeur' for ₹1000 and that I could not request for more pitstops later, I assured him that I wouldn't and he quickly made a call and then told me I should be ready and back at the front desk at 0830. So I was there 10 minutes before I was expected the rickshaw guy was there on time and I headed out.

In small talk between me and the driver, he inquired about where I was coming from, how long I was staying, where was I headed to next etc... I kept the conversation going and in almost less than an hour we were at our first destination.

Marble RockJabalpur is close to the river Narmada that flows through central India. The river on its course carved into the soft marble to form a beautiful gorge of about 8 Kms. There are row boats that take you downstream, you can also ride on a table car that gives you a nice aerial view of the gorge. After the boat and cable car ride I took about 30-45 minutes to explore the surroundings. There are plenty of shops nearby to cater tourist taste buds.

After this I headed to my next destination, about 5 minutes away by road..

Dhuandhar Falls

This is a place not to miss when in Jabalpur - Dhuandhar derives its name from the Hindi words - Dhuan (Smoke) and Dhar (Flow) to simply describe a waterfall that gives a smoke-flow like feeling.

There are a few local shops near the view point to buy artifacts, and again eateries, some with a dhuandhar view for you!

After spending about 45 minutes at this place I headed back to my hotel. I was back by to my hotel by around 1300 hours and I decided to go out to find a more local place for lunch, since my options seemed limited and I ended up at a rather fancy hotel - Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail and feasted on their Tandoori platter. On a full stomach I came back to my hotel to take a power nap before I had to head out again and board the Mahakaushal Express 12189 towards Hazrat Nizamuddin that would take me to Mahoba Junction. Before we head to Khajuraho..

How to reach Jabalpur?

There are plenty of trains available from Mumbai and Delhi that make daily trips to Jabalpur Junction.

If you are in a near by city and can split the travel among 4-5 people you can also hire a cab to reach here.

Places to visit in Jabalpur.

Apart from Bhedaghat/Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls the other places are pretty much like any other city.

1. Madan Mahal/Durgavati Fort - A small fort atop a hill with good view of the city.

2. Rani Durgavati Museum - This place is for you only if you like museums, else you can skip it.

3. Balancing rocks - A roadside rock formation comprising of a big oval stone steadied over another large stone.

4. Bhedaghat/Marble Rocks - A river making its way through soft marble rocks. It's a gorgeous site in the early light hours.

5. Dhuandhar Falls - Smoke-like falls located on the Narmada river.

How many days/nights to stay in Jabalpur?

1 day/night is enough to cover the above mentioned places. Depending on your schedule and next destination you can also choose to not spend a night here.

Where to stay?

There are plenty of budget hotels with good accommodation available in the city center.

Now I am Heading on to my next destination - Khajuraho

It's 18:10 at Jabalpur Junction and I am on a train to Mahoba Junction, where I have to change trains at 0400 onward to Khajuraho. If you are faint hearted/scared of the dark or don't really wish to travel this late in the night you can leave Jabalpur on a day train but would waste a whole lit day in the train. The Mahakaushal Express reached the Mahoba Junction a little after midnight and now I had to wait for about 4 hours to catch my next train.

Mahoba Junction is not a bustling railway station like the others, except for when a train arrives and you see a few men and their families board or alight. I quickly found a well lit spot between the station master's cabin and the waiting area.

My next change Bundelkhand Link Express 21108 towards Khajuraho arrived at the platform about 30 minutes before it was expected, I hopped on, set an alarm for 0500 as the train was expected to be at Khajuraho by 0520 and dozed off.

Delhi Via-Agra | You're in Jabalpur

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