How It All Began?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

What's your passion? What do you want to do for a living? what do you wish was a part of your daily life? ... It's not easy having answers to all or any of these questions. I didn't, for a long time.

Adolescence helped me overcome my introverted personality and got me to an ambivert phase where I am at-least not the dead-beat in a social gathering. With time I learnt that destinations/ places around the world always interested me. Although it's weird that Geography was not one of my most favorite subjects at school and neither was I that "he knows all country capital guy" from your school.

My first degree was in Computer Science, I am not really sure how I got into it but let’s face it most of us (90s kids) are on the same boat! In those days I dreamt of getting a solid 9-5 job in the IT industry that would start paying my bills and eventually help me load my pockets and support me when I realize my PASSION.

After college, I did not end up in the core-IT industry and rather landed a job in a KPO that required me to work from 3pm to 11pm, what odd hours were they? but the company of oddly supportive bunch of folks made that journey unforgettable! :) (More on that sometime later…)

Now this KPO I mentioned was not some number crunching, phone banging business, it was all about maps! I was frigging putting places on the maps! *One moment to feel like a boss* If the universe couldn't be subtle and I couldn't be more-naive I would have known it back then what I know now - Traveling to new places makes me happy! In my thirteen months spent at this organization, I learnt about places I had never heard of before, I saw 3D models of landmarks from across the globe, I saw innumerable streets via the then nascent street-view, it was like being there in that moment (well with a little bit of imagination of-course!)

I saw 3D models of stadiums that were being built and renovated for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The Football fanatics in my team had a different rush about this. Fast forward to few years later, I decided to blog about travel destinations!

But that didn't happen, looking back now I would have imagined that for a 20 yo me with a degree in computer science, starting a #travelblog would have been a cake-walk but I guess some major driving force was missing, the force we millennials call #FOMO

#TravelFOMO #IndianTravelBlogger

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