Prague: A Picturesque Affair

I have said this enough already, in Prague you are surrounded with beautiful people and Gothic spires. It is known as "a city of 100 spires" and the Prague Information Service suggests that there are about 500 spires in the city. If you've read my Europe itinerary, Prague was not on my list but I ended up booking a Flixbus to Prague two days before my flight to Zurich. I had very little time to research about the city, places to visit, what to eat, travel hacks, etc. Luckily my in-flight entertainment on Jet Airways had a Prague guide so that also helped me plan a little more. (I watched it after Devil wears Prada though! :P)

My Flixbus from Mainau Island, Konstanz reached Florenc Bus Station, Prague early in the morning, which is the main bus station for many domestic and International bus operators. Inside the bus station, there is a tourist information center right next to the Starbucks and you can buy the 2/3 or 4 Day passes here which includes a free entry to 60 top attractions in the city, free river cruise and much more. You can explore the pass online at

There were two things I had to figure out, first, should I buy an International Sim Card for the rest of the trip and second, where do I convert my Euros to Czech Crowns. I found a Forex Counter in the building towards the exit and got a 100 Euros exchanged. I had about 2400 Czech Crowns to splurge over 3 days and two nights.

I had already loaded the navigation on my phone from Florenc Bus Station to Czech, my stay for the next two nights while I was sitting at Starbucks, so I began walking. I had clearly missed all the elevation information on the map and this 3.2 Km walk with a backpack suddenly seemed daunting. Something about the graffiti on streets, the autumn leaves falling on the streets kept me excited and walking.

After walking past a couple of picturesque lil cafes, a street paved with autumn leaves I finally arrived at my hostel.

I was checked in but I was asked to wait for a couple of hours as it was just 9 AM. I completed the check in formalities dropped by bags in the storage room and grabbed a cozy corner in the cafe and ordered a cappuccino. While I waited I overheard something about a daily pass that could be used to travel around the city on a tram for 24 hours. After I checked in to my dorm, freshened up I asked the reception about the pass and luckily enough it was available for purchase right there! Suddenly, not buying any overpriced Prague card at the tourist information center seemed like a wise choice. The kind girl at the reception also gave me a city map and pointed out the best spots and how to get there.

And just like that I was out on the street ready to hop on a tram soaking in Prague!

More on my 3 days in Prague to follow soon..

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